What is mySugr?

What mySugr is.

We specialize in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes – made by people with diabetes. Our apps, services, and access to the world’s best diabetes coaching at the tap of a finger all work together to ease the daily grind of diabetes. In short, we make diabetes suck less!

Who’s behind mySugr?

Who's behind mySugr.

We’re a startup that was founded in 2012 in Vienna, Austria. Today, more than 120 of us work at mySugr, and we’re thrilled to be making life better for you. mySugr joined the Roche family in June of 2017.

Why we're good at what we do?

What mySugr does.

We know diabetes. And it’s the combination of incredibly high technical product quality, beautiful design, and deep understanding of diabetes that make us unique. mySugr Logbook is a registered risk class 1 medical device in the US and EU, mySugr’s Bolus Calculator module (currently available for use in Europe) has risk class IIb approval, and mySugr (the company) is ISO 13485 certified.

What motivates us?

The sugar-team at mySugr

A large part of our company lives with diabetes, many since childhood. We bring that experience and knowledge to product development, with a big dose of love and creativity, too. We live and breathe our products.

Who’s behind mySugr Coach?

Who's behind mySugr Coaching.

Our users deserve the very best, and that’s what we deliver with mySugr Coach. Seamless information and advice from highly trained Certified Diabetes Educators who live with diabetes. mySugr’s Head Coach is Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE. Gary is the author of “Think Like a Pancreas” and was AADE’s 2014 Diabetes Educator of the Year.

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